"Love is the Call" for the Season of Transformation


Transformation   (music & lyrics: L. Chaddock)...3:00
Lead Us, Jesus (music: G. Hanson, lyrics: G. Hanson, L. Chaddock, & A. Jarrett)....4:02
Trinity (music & lyrics: L. Chaddock)...4:04
He is Risen (music & lyrics: G. Hanson)...3:03
If I Were King (music & lyrics: G. Hanson)...4:43
Fairest of Dreams (music: G. Hanson, lyrics: G. Hanson & L. Chaddock)...2:41
Hope and a Future (music: G. Hanson & K. Wozniak)...2:26
Fall Down and Worship (music & lyrics: G. Hanson)...4:33
A Wedding Blessing (music: G. Funk, lyrics: J. Newton)...2:48
Love is the Call (music: G. Hanson, lyrics: L. Chaddock)...4:45 [time incorrect on CD]
All as One (music & lyrics: L. Chaddock)...2:04 [time and title incorrect on CD]
Follow You (music & lyrics: L. Chaddock)...3:36
Love is the Call with prayer (music: G. Hanson)...2:25
Psalm 23 (music & lyrics: G. Hanson)...3:20
 Special Credits:

Produced by The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego
Instruments Recorded at PS Studio
Vocals, Percussion and Bass Recorded at Studio West
PS Studio Recording and Mixing by Geoffrey Hanson
Studio West Recording, Mixing, and Engineering by Darrell Harvey
Digital Mastering by Larry Czolta
Music on "A Wedding Blessing" by Gregory Funk
Percussion by Allan Phillips 
Piano on "Hope and a Future" and "Love is the Call with prayer" by Kathleen Wozniak
Reading on "Love is the Call with prayer" by Bishop Gethin Hughes
Arrangement on "Psalm 23" by David Shine
Banjo on "Follow You" by Kenny Wertz
Harmonica on "Follow You" by Craig Chaddock



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