When I Called On You

WICOY - 1999



"(When I Called on You is) the most compelling, inspiring, original work from any independent Episcopal music group.  Going way beyond just musically supporting the liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer, this CD travels in the car, to the living room, and may even earn a  place in the collection of blues enthusiasts looking for the origins of denial." 

When I Called on You is available for download from and iTunes.


LITC - 2000  

Love Is the Call was released in 2000.  Listen to samples from Love Is the Call on

"Recorded in cooperation with the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, Love is the Call is a remarkable work that typifies this group's ability to master a variety of styles, while keeping true to the spirit and voice of their church." 

F - 2007

Forevermore - Answer Hymn's 2007 release. "The uniting theme of the album is the love and peace offered by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that is so beautifully expressed through the solo and three-part voicings of Geoff Hanson, Lisa Chaddock and Annie Jarrett. Influences include The Moody Blues, Enya, and many of the contemporary Celtic bands like Capercaille and Clannad and Moire Brennan. Congratulations to Answer Hymn for another succesful musical sojourn." -- Kenny Carter

Forevermore is available for download at,, iTunes,, and other major online stores.

Stable in the Darkness   Answer Hymn's latest release.  Stable in the Darkness was first released for Christmas 2001 exclusively on (site no longer available). The group dedicated it to Trinity Church Wall Street in New York City as a tribute to the "little church that stood" the attack of September 11th on the World Trade Center, and were blessed to be able to visit the church while traveling on their summer 2002 tour.

In December 2009, Answer Hymn re-released Stable in the Darkness with new songs in addition to tracks from the original release.  Stable in the Darkness is available for download at, iTunes, and other major online stores.



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