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Answer Hymn is a Christian band with its roots in folk, Celtic, and pop/rock music. The three primary vocalists, Geoffrey Hanson, Lisa Chaddock and Ann Jarrett first joined together in the mid-1990s. In late 1997 the group released 200 cassettes titled "Christmas 1997" under the name "Jarrett-Hanson-Chaddock." The home-recorded tapes quickly sold-out, with all the profits going to community outreach programs.

"Christmas 1997" generated a great deal of positive feedback, including interest from Bishop Gethin Hughes of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego. By the beginning of 1999, the trio had devoted numerous hours to arranging, recording and mixing their original works. With the studio support of brothers Kevin Shine and David Shine, the completion of the CD "When I Called On You," fulfilled a decade-long dream.

Just in time for the release of "When I Called On You," the group selected the name "Answer Hymn" to represent the devotion of their music. "Answer" signifies that their music is a response and "Hymn," which, in a play on words replaces "Him", signifies the traditional aspect of their compositions.

At the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego Convention 2000, Answer Hymn opened the convention with "Transformation" composed by Lisa Chaddock. Cannon William Dopp heard the group perform the song and proposed commissioning Answer Hymn to create a CD to promote the Season of Transformation. Professionally recorded at Studio West in Rancho Bernardo, "Love is the Call" consists of original compositions by Lisa, Ann, Geoffrey, and by Gregory Funk of St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church. "Love is the Call" was released on October 1st (2000) and was made available at many local churches and bookstores, as well as online sales.

Answer Hymn released "Stable in the Darkness" for Christmas 2001 exclusively on MP3.com. The group dedicated it to Trinity Church Wall Street in New York City as a tribute to the "little church that stood" the attack of September 11th on the World Trade Center, and were blessed to be able to visit the church while traveling on their summer 2002 tour.  Several of the songs on "Stable in the Darkness" have received international attention and appeared on Celtic music compilations.

Over the years the group has benefited from the performance and studio work of many local musicians including David Shine (electric guitar, bass), Ed Kordowski (a.k.a "Count Markus Cross," bass), David Mooney (violin), Kevin Shine (keyboards, vocals),  Doug Crooks (percussionist and drummer), Kenny Wertz (banjo), Allan Phillips (percussion), Erik Evans (guitar, vocals) and Craig Chaddock (a.k.a. "Boundary," percussion, harmonica). 

Answer Hymn continues to perform regularly at church, as well as coffee houses, county fairs, and correctional facilities.  

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